1334: cataract surgery under 3 min but…

This anonymous surgeon is very talented and has done thousands of cataract surgeries. This surgeon is able to complete his white cataract phaco case in under 3 minutes, but is that really the goal? Would it be better to have a tolerable job in 3 minutes or a beautiful procedure in 5 minutes? I would rather spend the extra 2 minutes making the surgery as perfect and as safe as possible. There is no rush. The cataract has been there for years and if you spend an extra minute or two, the patient will be thankful. Remember the golden rule of ophthalmology: give the same high level of care that you want to receive!

click to see this very fast surgery and then to see what I would recommend doing differently:

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  1. Uday you hit the nail on the head ! Some excellent surgeons just go too fast and cut corners that increase the chance of complications ! Thanks for showing this.

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