1328: learning to compartmentalize

No one has a perfect life: there are up and downs, easy parts and challenges, and good times and bad. That’s the nature of life, right? But when we are operating, we need to compartmentalize and put distracting thoughts away so that we can focus on the surgery. This is an important skill that must be learned. The video explains some of the pearls that help me give every patient my best, regardless of the circumstances.

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    1. Take life as it comes. Many things are beyond our control. Accept your feelings and frailties and other’s too. Be at peace with yourself and the world. We came to this world with nothing and will leave as such. We are not entitled. Everyday is a gift 🎁. Happy holidays.

  1. We all like a good escape from our life, like getting engrossed in a good movie, playing a video game, focusing on a hobby, or participating in an exercise or a sport. Cataract surgery is like that for me, only more so. No matter what is going on in my life, when I sit down at that microscope it all goes away and 100% of my focus is on the surgery. There is no more intense activity, and I feel grateful for the escape that it provides.

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