1313: review of the single plane incision

This video includes slow motion video at half-speed and then at quarter-speed to review the single plane incision. The goal is to create an incision that allows good access during surgery and then seals well with a minimal astigmatic effect. This single plane produces symmetry between the roof and floor of the incision and provides a good tunnel length. Note that the incision is also square / rectangular without the dreaded chevron appearance at the endothelial entry point. We also barely nick the limbal vessels in order to provide long-term permanent closure. If you are still learning to perfect your incisions, this video is worth studying in detail.

This diagram of the side profile of the cornea shows the incision architecture. We cannot see this view through the operating microscope unless we utilize intra-op OCT scanning.
Intra-operative OCT scan shows good architecture of the incision at the end of the case. Notice the balance of the roof and the floor of the incision. This OCT image is from a resident case (not the video shown here).

click to review this slow motion video of creating a single plane incision:

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