1312: focus on what is important

After a long day of surgery, I was telling a friend that I felt exhausted. And he remarked that since each surgery is only a few minutes, that even with 20 surgeries done in a day, the total amount of time operating was only around 2 or 3 hours. He’s right, but what non-ophthalmologists may not realize is that each surgery is mentally taxing due to the intense concentration that is required. We are working in a very tiny space with no room for error. Ocular tissues are unforgiving and often cannot be repaired. If the posterior capsule ruptures during cataract surgery, there is no way of repairing it. In your training, you must prioritize on focusing what is important during surgery. This video explains some of my techniques that have served me well over the years. In the comments section below, please share what you do to focus and concentrate during surgery.

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  1. I play Bach softly during surgery. That seems to imbue an atmosphere of serenity in the OR. It also get my mind and body into a state of flow, in which everything I do seems effortless. I too was a valedictorian, due to having a tiger mom.

  2. Hello Prof Uday Devgan. I enjoyed watching ur videos..it really inspired me. I have one question Prof, do u drink coffee on ur operating day?..I am coffee lover person..for me by drinking a cup of coffee helps me to increased my focus and energy..and i can handle the hand tremor related to caffeine while doing surgery. Any advice from you, Prof?. Thanks alot for your attention.

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