1295: how to un-inject an IOL to explant

IOL exchange is an unusual procedure and it is safe to say that more than 99% of patients who receive an IOL at the time of cataract surgery will never need to have that lens swapped in the future. But in certain circumstances, an IOL exchange is necessary and it can greatly improve vision for our patients. Previously we have explained the twist technique to easily remove most IOLs through our un-enlarged phaco incisions without cutting or damaging the IOL. Today’s video shows our guest surgeon, Dr Bill Wiley, use the Fukuoka forceps to un-inject the IOL through an empty lens cartridge. We also show the Bhaumik technique that is similar and won the ASCRS film award about 10 years ago.

click to learn about these methods of un-injecting an IOL for explant and exchange:

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