1271: please steal this phaco technique

We all learn from each other — that’s one of the best things about ophthalmology. My surgical techniques are an amalgamation of what I’ve learned from watching other surgeons operate. Over the past 20+ years, I have tried just about all combinations of phaco and nucleo-fractis. This encompassed bowling out the nucleus (not recommended), divide-and-conquer (reasonable), stop-and-chop (very reasonable), phaco flip (great for some cases), and so many variations of phaco chop (highly recommended). I even ventured into the world of bimanual phaco where an irrigating chopper in one hand was paired with a non-sleeved phaco needle in the other. But that was short-lived since I strongly prefer co-axial phaco over bimaual phaco (like most surgeons worldwide). The technique in this video is a combo-chop which combines the best of horizontal chop with vertical chop.

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