1223: how to set up your phaco machine

The surgeon is the captain of the operating room and must know everything about the case and instrumentation. While we rely on our scrub techs, assistants, and nurses to help during the surgery, the ultimate responsibility lies with the surgeon. One important aspect of this is knowing how to set up the phaco machine for cataract surgery. This is something that the scrub tech does for you on 99% of your cases, but what happens when there is a substitute tech who is not familiar with the machine? What about when you are doing a ruptured globe in the middle of the night and you need to aspirate the lens material from a punctured lens capsule? You must know how to set up your phaco machine!

This video is for the Alcon Centurion phaco machine, but similar steps apply to most other phaco platforms. You should check with your manufacturer to learn the specific instructions for your machines.

click to learn how to set up your phaco machine for cataract surgery: