1215: soft PSC cataract in a 30 year old

When we perform cataract surgery for any patient, we must be cognizant that the patient will see the world through our surgery for every waking moment for the rest of his/her life. This is even more important when the patient is very young such as in this case. This 30 year old patient may live another 70 years and our cataract surgery needs to last for all of those upcoming decades. We need to take extra care in making great incisions and a precise capsulorhexis so that the long term results are stable and safe.

This resident surgeon is being very closely supervised by me so that our patient can have a safe and accurate surgery while giving the surgeon-in-training a good learning opportunity. The critical role of the attending surgeon / professor is to provide technical guidance and also serve as a safety net to prevent complications.

For a soft cataract like this, there is very little nuclear density and the entire cataract can be removed with just the irrigation/aspiration probe without using any ultrasonic energy. We are showing the full case here but we have increased this play rate to 3x speed.

Click to learn how to perform cataract surgery for this soft PSC in a young patient: