1204: IOL exchange with stuck haptic

This patient has very high demands for his vision and to address the issue of presbyopia in his mid 50s he elected to have a refractive lens exchange and implantation of a trifocal IOL. This surgery was performed about a month ago by a different surgeon and then the patient contacted me when he realized that he could not live with the inherent compromises of a trifocal IOL. This patient needs the highest image quality for his work and he is unable to tolerate the sacrifices that a trifocal IOL makes in order to split the incoming light into near, intermediate, and far vision ranges. He was certain that he desired an IOL exchange with a monofocal IOL instead.

This video shows one of the biggest challenges which is how to carefully dissect the IOL from the capsular bag without damaging the delicate capsular tissue which is 4 microns for the posterior capsule and about 14 microns for the anterior capsule. This haptic has a bulbous tip at the end and that is more of a challenge to remove. In this video I show my surgical pearl for easily solving this issue.

click to learn how to free the stuck haptic in an IOL exchange: