1122: Remote Capsulorhexis Training

Prof. John Ferris has started a novel program of remotely teaching young surgeons to improve their surgical skills. This can be accomplished with the registrar doctors (resident doctors) in their homes in the UK while I give the coaching advice in real time while I am in the USA. These young ophthalmologists are using a table top microscope with its own camera output as well as their laptops to show their faces (or even their hands) and are using model eyes from SimulatedOcularSurgery.com to practice.

This is the future of wet-lab (or dry-lab) practice sessions because it allows for maximum freedom and convenience. You can benefit from the coaching skills of your favorite mentors even if you live thousands of miles apart. One mentor can even supervise and teach multiple trainees at the same session, who will get the benefit of also learning from the actions of their peers. You don’t need to come to Los Angeles to spend time in our Beverly Hills surgery center when I can help you remotely! I give a tremendous thanks to Prof. John Ferris, Dr. Sunil Mamtora, Dr. Rebecca Jones, Dr. Niharika Nalagatla, and the other young surgeons who participated in this groundbreaking program.

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