1113: surgery center OR block time

Welcome to another Monday morning from my operating room (OR) at our Beverly Hills surgery center. We are discussing surgery center block time. This is the period of time allotted to you to perform your surgeries. I am usually in the operating room about three days per week, and I really make the most of my OR block time. Remember, you are granted a specific time period in which to accomplish your surgeries. If you are highly efficient then you will be able to do more surgeries in the same time frame as your less efficient colleagues. This makes a tangible difference in your productivity and performance. When you are being considered for partnership in this surgery center, what are the metrics that are being evaluated? What kind of partner is sought by these successful surgical centers?

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  1. nice summary of an important topic Uday. Given the dollars generated to the facility and to anesthesia pale for cat surgery compared to a fast hand surgeon or a spine surgeon doing a one level acdf in 30 minutes, it is imperative to be efficient and as you said on time. A busy asc if they had their pick of cases is more profitable doing efficient ortho and ent cases, rather than eye cases…thats just the sad reality

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