1062: Playlist: Refractive Issues

The most powerful refractive surgery that we have is cataract surgery. We can address +10 diopters or more of hyperopia, -30 diopters or more of myopia, and even large degrees of corneal astigmatism with toric IOLs. We can even address presbyopia to provide a wide range of vision without the need for eye glasses. There are many important topics in refractive cataract surgery and this playlist serves as a good start with four important topics.

Treating corneal astigmatism with incisional techniques can be very effective, particularly below 1 D.
With no additional instruments, you can use paired, full thickness phaco incisions on the steep axis of the cornea in order to treat astigmatism.
Angle Alpha and Angle Kappa are important in the centration of IOLs with diffractive rings and those with EDOF features.
And the most important of these videos is regarding the choice of refractive targets. Plano is not always best!

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