1061: soft cataracts the easy way

It would seem that performing cataract surgery on an eye with a soft cataract would be easier. Since there is little nuclear density, we may not need much (or any) ultrasonic energy to break up the lens. The challenge is that the phaco probe can easily aspirate right through the cataract and then hit the posterior capsule. And since these patients tend to be younger and more active, their requirements for great vision are often higher. You must do a beautiful surgery because these patients will be looking through your surgery, every waking moment, for the rest of their lives!

My technique involves using hydro-delineation (note the golden ring in the photo) in order to separate the endonucleus from the rest of the cataract. In this video I also give an important pearl about how to set up the phaco machine to avoid putting ultrasonic energy in the eye when it is not needed.

Click to learn my easy (and safe) way to succeed with soft cataracts: