1048: Playlist: Phaco Efficiency

We have said it many times before, but it still bears repeating: the goal of the surgery is not speed, but rather efficiency. Speed can equate to rushing and an increased risk of complications and a sub-optimal outcome. Efficiency is being minimally invasive and maximally gentle to the tissues, with no wasted movements. Watching an efficient surgery is akin to a beautifully choreographed ballet, with fluid movements and an elegance. There are ways to improve your efficiency during cataract surgery and these videos will help you achieve your goals.

This first video shows a simultaneous view of the microscope oculars as well as an external view of the surgeon’s hands. This allows you to see how the hands move in order to provide maximal efficiency.
Cycle time is how long it takes from the start of one surgery until the start of the next surgery. It includes actual operating time and also set-up preparation as well as room clean-up between cases.
The state of flow is a psychological state where you are “in the zone” and focused on the surgery. The tough maneuvers seem to just happen with a perfect outcome.
Keeping track of your times will help you see how to improve. The best first step is to decrease the time between surgeries and not worry as much about the time during each surgery.

For more learning, here is the full category of surgical efficiency: https://cataractcoach.com/category/efficiency/

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