1029: First year in practice Cataract

Our guest surgeon showcases his stop-and-chop nucleo-fractis in a routine cataract surgery and his technique is excellent. He finished his residency training less than one year ago and has likely done about 500 cataract surgeries at this point. We are showing the video from start to finish, at 2x speed so that we can show the entire case in just about 5 minutes. If you are in your residency training, this video is a great benchmark for you with a skill level that is attainable in your near future. If you are already in practice, study this video and make sure that what you are offering your patients is as good as this technique. Also remember that this young surgeon is recording his surgeries, studying them, asking for critiques, and constantly looking to improve. That is the mark of a future world-class surgeon. We should all strive to have the same work ethic.

click to learn from this stop-and-chop cataract surgery from a young surgeon: