1028: Keys to Cataract Surgery Efficiency

If you have performed fewer than 10,000 cataract surgeries, you are still in the part of the learning curve where you are learning to hone your efficiency and maximize the safety for every patient. The goal of surgery is to be minimally invasive and maintain the highest margins of safety. Minimally invasive refers to the small incision size, less ultrasonic energy used to break up the nucleus, less fluid required throughout the case, and making every movement in the eye purposeful. No wasted movements, no wasted fluid, no wasted energy, and no wasted time. The longer you are inside the eye, the more inflammation you will induce. Same for the amount of ultrasound energy and the amount of fluid used in irrigation. Let us emphasize again that speed is not our goal — efficiency is the goal. This complete cataract case is a typical surgery for me and this is my typical technique. It is controlled and methodical, with a great result. And every step has been optimized from the incision to the capsulorhexis to the sealing of the wound.

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