Routine Cataract Case for Myopic Patient

Complete Cataract Case: the entire surgery is shown from start to finish, but don’t fret, it is still just a few minutes. There is a lot to be learned from watching a complete cataract case!

This is your typical myopic patient who historically had a refraction of about -8 diopters but has since developed a cataract which induced more myopic shift. The IOL power selected is +11 diopters which is anticipated to leave the patient mildly myopic. The patient understands that the extreme near acuity provided by the -8 diopters of myopia will be permanently lost. The patient does not find that extreme myopia useful since the near point of -8 is 1/8 meters or just 12.5 cm in front of his eyes. The video shows the techniques involved and discusses the issues that must be considered for these myopic patients. Note that at this level of myopia, most of our commonly used IOLs are available. When we get to extreme myopia and even lower IOL powers, the options for IOLs are fewer.

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