Playlist: Critical Life Lessons

Let’s start the new year right and make 2021 the time where you advance your surgical skills. Certainly dexterity and coordination are important to surgical success, but so is having the correct mindset. These four videos show critical life lessons which will help you achieve your full potential as a surgeon.

For our young surgeons still in training, this video explains that while residency/fellowship training seems difficult at the time, you will look back on it as a relatively easy period of your life.

We all experience complications from time to time, and while the frequency decreases as we gain more experience, it never goes to zero. Don’t get caught in the mental spiderweb of complications — you must recover and progress, being sure to learn from the surgery. This video will explain the mindset behind overcoming complications and continuing to progress your skills:

The career path that you choose will determine the rest of your life as an ophthalmologist. You want to be sure and break through the frustration barrier and then progress to the zone of passion. Understanding the learning curve and career path will allow you to achieve your full potential:

Finally, I learned some critical life lessons for ophthalmology during a trip to Kyoto. It was an important time for self-reflection and an opportunity to learn from our Japanese colleagues. This is a must see video:

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