Mentally Recovering from Complications

There are only two types of ophthalmologists who never, ever get surgical complications: (1) those who don’t operate, and (2) those who are not fully truthful. Every surgeon, no matter the experience level, will encounter complications during surgery. These can be rare and a very experienced surgical master can go more than 1000 surgeries without a capsule rupture. Also keep in mind that not all complications are iatrogenic — many are due to pre-existing tissue weakness that may not have been evident during the pre-operative consultation.

How can the surgeon recover from a complication, do what is best for the patient, and then mentally prepare to finish the remainder of the surgical line-up for the day?

Click below to learn my 4 keys to recovering from surgical complications:


  1. Sometimes we can learn from the complication as far as something with our technique that can tweaked or changed. Not always though

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