Complete Case: Pressurized Cataract

This is an interesting case of a young patient, in his mid 40s, who sustained ocular trauma and developed a cataract. When we examine him during the pre-operative consultation we note that the anterior lens capsule is bulging forward and the lens is pressurized. This poses challenges for the surgery because it makes the capsulorhexis creation more difficult. We must also keep in mind that there can be zonular weakness from the trauma. Finally, this patient will see the world through our surgery every day for the next 50 years. We must successfully complete this case and provide an outstanding outcome. There are many great pearls that are revealed in this video, which is shown in its entirety, start to finish.

Click below to learn from this important surgical video:


  1. great case Uday.. Your rhexis is better than what femto can provide. Curious how much cylinder the pt had as an LRI in a young person is not going to have much effect.

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback. About 0.5 to 0.7 D of K cyl depending on the method used to measure. For 1D or more I prefer a toric IOL.

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