Critiquing my old cataract surgery video

I was digging through some old computer files and I came across an old video that I made in 2006. I began using video to record surgical cases in 2000, attaching a handheld “camcorder” to the assistant scope with a homemade adapter. These videos were recorded on S-VHS tapes and then DV tapes, which are now outdated and replaced by much better technology. By 2006, I was routinely recording surgical cases for teaching purposes at ophthalmology conferences and for our own residents. When I watched this video, it struck me that I now perform cataract surgery quite differently. A lot of progress has been made in 14 years. I also think that I was making a big mistake in the old video. I have learned from that and I am now very careful to avoid repeating the past.

click below to see my critique of this surgery from 2006 and learn how I improved: