Learn as I coach this resident

Many ophthalmologists from around the world have asked if we offer a fellowship, externship, or clinical rotation so that they can come learn and improve their surgical skills. The only ophthalmology training program where I can teach you directly is the full 4 year ophthalmology residency at UCLA and the Jules Stein Eye Institute, where the doctors in training come to our teaching hospital, Olive View UCLA Medical Center. In our private surgery center in Beverly Hills, California, the patients generally are not amenable to having novice surgeons participating in their surgical care. At that facility, I personally do all of my own ocular surgeries without assistants.

But do not worry, we can learn together every day here on CataractCoach.com and this video is an example of the type of teaching that we emphasize. The video only covers the creation of the main incision and the capsulorhexis, but still, there are so many important teaching points.

Click below to learn as I coach a resident surgeon during cataract surgery:

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