resident divide-and-conquer case 30

An anonymous resident sent in this video of his/her 30th cataract surgery which was done with the divide-and-conquer technique. The video is shown at 2x speed so that we can cover a lot of teaching material in a shorter period of time. There is a tremendous amount of great learning in the video and I trust that you will take advantage of the opportunity.

Click below to learn from this resident divide-and-conquer cataract surgery:


  1. hi
    great teaching.I am a locum consultant from England;in my last phaco.list while removing the visco:i noticed the AC shallowing :iris prolapsing from main incision and side port and IOL coming out of Bag:I suspected two things:
    1-haemorrhage as patient was on clopidegrol and had subtenone. or
    2- fluid diversion to vitreous? but why:patient was not myopic/
    patient was not a case of floppy iris but why this happened/we gave iv diamox /i used viscoat to reform AC and used micheol but pupil remained dilated/it took me a while to replace the iris prolapse and maintain IOL in bag.
    any ideas?
    Oral Bekir FRCS/FRCOphth.
    Queens medical centre

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