Simplified pterygium technique

There is so much to learn about truly artistic pterygium surgery that we could likely make a website and fill it up with daily videos! But there are also times where a novice surgeon wants a simplified technique to achieve a good outcome with a simplified technique.

In the video shown here, the cost to perform this surgery is very low with no specialized instruments such as diamond burrs needed. Also the safety margin is very high given the techniques used so the risk of iatrogenic damage such as medial rectus injury or corneal perforation is very low. This is an ideal beginner technique to learn since it can then be refined in the future with fancier options such as the aforementioned diamond burr, more detailed dissection of the tenon layer, amniotic membrane placement, and use of anti-metabolites such as mitomycin-C.

Click below to learn this simplified technique of pterygium surgery:


  1. It looks like pseudopterygium. Excellent surgery and we still can do the same technique in true pterygium by creating a tunnel.
    Thanks for sharing.

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