Residual posterior polar opacities

We love to show posterior polar cataract videos and we have an entire category for them here on CataractCoach. Using newer techniques, we have seen the complications from posterior polar cataracts drop from 30% (as reported in the classic literature by Dr Osher and Dr Vasavada) to 5% or less. This is truly a situation where good surgical learning leads to better outcomes for our patients. It is imperative that surgeons in training prepare in advance for these types of surgeries.

Often with posterior polar cataracts, there is a residual opacity left on the central capsule. The question is should we leave it alone and then do a YAG laser capsulotomy a few months later? Or should we perform a primary posterior capsulorhexis at the time of the original cataract surgery? Both are reasonable options for a surgeon with good skills. This video shows two guest surgeons, Professor Hatem Ammar from Sohag University in Egypt and Dr. Ahmed Al Habash from Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and we can learn a lot from their differing techniques.

Click below to learn the options for residual posterior polar opacities:

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