Resident Cataract Surgery Final Exam

Today is June 30 and that is the final day of residency training in the USA since our academic year calendar runs from July 1 to June 30. After so many years of training, this is the last day of residency. Some of these newly-minted ophthalmologists will go on to do a fellowship while others will begin their practice as an attending physician.

This video is the final case of this ophthalmologist’s residency training. It is case #154 and has worked hard to improve his skills during the years of training. This resident completed his training in a European country and this video has been submitted anonymously. I will give my critique of his techniques and my suggestions for improvement. And then at the end, I will give him a final grade. What grade do you give to him?

click below to watch this resident final exam and let us know your grading:

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