Complete Case: Cortical Cataract

With a cortical cataract, patients are very symptomatic, particularly if the cortical opacities are within the visual axis. These tend to be younger patients and the nuclear density is less — these are relatively soft cataracts. We need to do surgery differently for these cases, with an emphasis on three steps: (1) an accurate capsulorhexis, (2) through capsular clean-up, and (3) using the supra-capsular phaco technique.

Click below to learn from this complete cataract case:


  1. What setting are you using? Epinucleus? I know in other posts you mentioned you usually only use chop/ cortex, but wondering if in these very soft cataracts you use something else for lens removal. Thanks

    1. I’m still just using my chop setting with the phaco machine and my foot pedal controls the vacuum and flow levels exquisitely

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