Complete Case: a very special patient

As a surgeon, it is always an honor when a colleague trusts you to operate on his eyes or on the eyes of a family member. This patient was referred to me by a colleague whom I have known for many years and when a close family member needed cataract surgery, he came to me. Of course, there is a great honor in this, but also there is a significant stress. We want to deliver the best results to all of our patients, but cases like these really put the pressure on the surgeon.

In cases like this, I invite the fellow ophthalmologist to come to the operating room to watch the surgery live as it is performed. However, this fellow cataract surgeon decided that he would rather watch a video of the surgery after instead of watching it live. That is understandable and I was happy to oblige. This case went beautifully and the patient achieved a great outcome.

click below to watch this complete cataract case:

If you are an ophthalmologist who needs cataract surgery for your eyes or for those of a family member, please contact me directly to arrange the details.

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