Doing Cataract Surgery on a Cataract Surgeon

It is always an honor when fellow ophthalmologists ask you to perform their cataract surgeries. It can also be stressful because of the very high expectations that these ophthalmologists have. This patient’s request was, “Make it perfect and I want a video of it!” Well, my dear colleague, here is your video and I’ll let you judge for yourself.

The easy part of the surgery is the pre-operative examination. This ophthalmologist already knew the exact IOL and power that he wanted. In addition, he had a small degree of against-the-rule astigmatism, so the 2.75 mm phaco incision could be placed temporally on the steep axis to completely neutralize it. He stated that he did not desire the femtosecond laser for capsulorhexis creation, but he did prefer a diamond keratome over a steel one.

The surgery went beautifully. The incisions are barely nicking the limbal vessels which means that long-term healing and stability will be excellent. The capsulorhexis is well-centered and nicely overlaps the optic edge. And the capsular bag is clean with thorough removal of lens epithelial cells. Post-op day 1, the eye looked great with a normal pressure and excellent vision. This ophthalmologist’s other eye is scheduled for the near future. And he reminded me that he wants another video!

Click below to see Cataract Surgery performed on a Cataract Surgeon as the patient: