Lessons Learned with 3-piece IOLs

Most cataract surgeons now use single-piece acrylic IOLs for the majority of their cases, with three-piece IOLs reserved for unusual situations such as sulcus placement or extreme IOL powers.

There are some important lessons to be learned with regards to these 3-piece IOLs. These IOLs are more delicate particularly at the haptic-optic junction. These thin haptics are usually inserted by hand in the IOL assembly line by highly skilled technicians. These thin haptics are also more easily damaged and, unlike the haptics of single-piece IOLs, they will not bounce back to their original shape if they have been deformed.

When the three-piece IOL is injected, it is important to make sure that these haptics are not damaged and that the IOL is inserted in the correct orientation.

click below to learn important lessons about three-piece IOLs:

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