Glaucoma Seton Drainage Surgery

In cases of intractable glaucoma, implanting a seton drainage device can be a very effective therapeutic option. The seton tube provides an alternate pathway for aqueous release from the anterior segment. The large footplate helps to create a space in the sub-tenons and sub-conjunctival space where the aqueous can be deposited and then absorbed while maintaining the closed and protected eye barriers.

This video was submitted by a resident in training and she is being supervised by an attending ophthalmologist who provides guidance and assistance. This model is the Clear Path 250 from New World Medical which does not have a valve. For this reason, a temporary suture is placed to ligate the tube in the initial post-op healing period. This surgery is well within the skillset of most ophthalmologists and even though you just love cataract surgery, it would benefit you to learn these techniques as well.

Click below to learn the technique of glaucoma seton placement: