Three-piece IOL: B versus C cartridge

There are two options for injecting an Alcon three-piece IOL using the Monarch injector: the B cartridge is bigger and is the recommended one. However the C cartridge which is more compact, can also be used, however with a different loading technique.

The B cartridge has a special peg which is designed to hold the trailing haptic out of the way. The B cartridge requires that the phaco incision be enlarged to 3.0 mm for easy IOL insertion.

The C cartridge does not have this peg to hold the haptic, so instead we place this trailing haptic just outside the injector while we advance the plunger. This C cartridge will allow IOL insertion through our un-enlarged 2.75 mm phaco incision.

Click below to learn how to load the B versus C cartridge for three-piece IOLs:

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