Why implant a zero power IOL?

This patient is ultra-myopic with an axial length of more than 31 mm. Using the free calculator at IOLcalc.com we determine that the ideal power IOL for this eye is zero diopters. Note that if we made the mistake of using the older formulae, the patient would have ended up hyperopic in the post-op period. Looking carefully at the box for the IOL, we see that the manufacturer has listed that this is a meniscus optic design which is quite different from the standard biconvex design.

Implanting an IOL is critical because it helps to prevent posterior capsule opacification and also it acts as a barrier to keep the vitreous out of the anterior segment after a YAG capsulotomy.

In an aphakic eye, performing a YAG laser capsulotomy can allow the vitreous to migrate into the anterior chamber where it can cause problems such as corneal endothelial cell loss.

Click below to learn from this video about the importance of zero diopter IOLs:


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