Review: 12 Consecutive Capsulorhexes

Seeing the same step of surgery performed over and over again can help beginning surgeons learn the subtleties of the maneuvers. Similar to the series from last week where we showed 12 consecutive corneal phaco incisions, today we are doing the same for the capsulorhexis. These are the same 12 eyes, in the same consecutive order, as the phaco incision video.

The key maneuvers in each of these 12 video clips are the same: floating within the incision, pivoting to avoid wound distortion, and measuring prior to the procedure in cases where there is variability such as large anterior segment or extreme dilation. You will also notice that in one case (the first one), the combination of poor visibility and a shallow anterior chamber necessitate going much slower to ensure a good result.

With practice, each of the young surgeons in training who follow CataractCoach can learn to be very consistent from case to case. You will certainly be able to do a precise and controlled capsulorhexis more than 99% of the time within just a few years.

Click below to see these 12 consecutive capsulorhexes maneuvers:

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