Initial Review of the Alcon PanOptix IOL

The Alcon PanOptix IOL has been available in the USA for about three months. What are our initial impressions? How does this lens perform? Are patients happy with the results?

My artistic representation of the lens performance is shown in this graph.

The Alcon PanOptix lens is good and it performs well. Like any man-made body part, particularly lens implants, there are some limitations. Nothing is as good as being young and healthy. The PanOptix certainly performs better than the bifocal IOLs that we have been using, such as the ReStor. But is the PanOptix a good choice for a plano presbyope without a cataract? What about a hyperopic presbyope without a cataract?

Click below to see some surgical footage of the PanOptix and to listen to our review:

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