Evaluation of a resident chop technique

This video was submitted by a resident in Asia who is still learning phaco and has upgraded to using the phaco chop technique. This young surgeon in training does not have access to the very expensive equipment that we use to teach our residents in Los Angeles, and even the video is recorded in a lower resolution due to the limitations of his equipment. Despite these challenges, this young surgeon has developed excellent skills and will certainly go on to become an accomplished surgeon. No matter what equipment you have, I assure you that your hands and your technique are more important. It is the horse, not the track, that wins the race. A good horse can race on any track. A good surgeon can operate with any equipment. For my USA residents and for those around the world with access to the newest and best equipment, ask yourself if you could do as well with more limited equipment.

Click below to learn from this resident’s technique of phaco chop:

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