Combined Phaco + MIGS for cataract + glaucoma

Cataract surgery alone is a powerful technique for lowering intra-ocular pressure, particularly in patients with glaucoma. By replacing the 4+ mm thick cataractous lens with a thin, sub 1 mm, man-made lens, we can open the angle of the eye and lower the intra-ocular pressure by about 20 to 25% for most patients.

We can further aid in the controlling of intra-ocular pressure by performing a MIGS procedure at the same sitting. MIGS is minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, a term popularized by my good friend Ike Ahmed MD from Toronto, Canada.

In the video shown here today, we have a senior resident who will perform a cataract surgery and a MIGS procedure in the same sitting. This is an easy technique to learn and we encourage all cataract surgeons to keep up with these new technologies. This allows us to deliver the best outcomes to our patients.

click below to watch a resident case of phaco and MIGS:

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