Resident Surgeon takes on a Dense White Cataract

It is a pleasure to show you this video where one of my senior residents performs and excellent cataract surgery on a patient with a dense white cataract. This case is done very well, from the incision and capsulorhexis to the cataract removal and IOL implantation. This case is by no means perfect, but it is excellent for this level of training. There is no doubt that this young doctor will continue to improve his skills and over the course of the next decade, will develop into a fantastic surgeon. The passion is there. The hard work and determination is there. And the drive to keep improving is there. That’s a winning combination.

Click below to learn from this senior resident and the dense white cataract:

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  1. Your commentary during this excellent residents surgery was very insightful and stimulating. As an option for the purposes of teaching have you considered allowing conversation between you and residents to be included As part of the documentary?

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