Quiz: What happens with insufficient hydro-dissection?

What happens if the hydro-dissection is insufficient during cataract surgery? The cortex and epi-nuclear shell remain very adherent to the capsular bag and become difficult to remove. Layers will slowly peel off in a manner similar to layers of an onion. This requires more time and more fluid to be used during surgery.

Click below to learn what happens with insufficient hydro-dissection:


  1. The cortex will stick to the posterior capsule and we will have difficulty to release the cortex remain

  2. thanks sir for nice tip,i just want to know that which hydrodissection canulla is mst efficient for this procedure …25G/26G/27G/24G…?

  3. What would ypu say was the mistake and hydrodissection wasn’t good enough? Could it be that the cortex in this case was more firmly adherent to the capsule than usual?

  4. Cases like this are infuriating. Thanks for pointing out that the burden for making it easier is something I can control. A few extra seconds on hydrodissection saves minutes on epi/cortical removal.

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