Foot Pedal Position during Phaco Chop

Learning phaco chop will make your cataract surgeries safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable to perform. And of course, phaco chop will also give your patients great visual outcomes that will make them happy and improve their lives. It’s a win for everyone, but it can be tough to learn.

For learning phaco chop we have posted many dozens of videos already. The bottom line is that the phaco probe holds the nucleus relatively still using high vacuum while the chopper is used to split the nucleus into pieces. The key is that there is only a small window of time to accomplish this, usually about 1 second or less.

You must coordinate your right foot on the phaco pedal with your right hand (phaco probe) and your left hand (chopper), all at the same time. This video shows a picture-in-picture view so that you can see exactly what my feet are doing while the chop maneuver is executed.

Click below to learn from this picture-in-picture video:


  1. Thank you for this pearl video. Do you change phaco machine settings in different stages of phaco?
    What is your routine setting in the infinity?

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