Guest Surgeon: Pre-Pocket Phaco Incision Technique

Dr. André Berger from São Paulo, Brazil has developed a new technique for creating a corneal phaco incision: the Pre-Pocket method. This creates an additional pocket in the corneal stroma, ahead of the phaco incision which can then be hydrated to provide additional stability in sealing the incision. He has been using this technique for a few years and has taught it to his residents and fellows, who will be publishing this in the near future.

The video also shows the technique of using two blades simultaneously to create both the paracentesis and the main incision. Since the eye is not yet filled with viscoelastic, this technique necessitates that the surgeon perform the incisions relatively quickly to avoid deflating the anterior chamber.

Click below to watch Dr. Berger and his colleagues perform the pre-pocket incision:

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