Learning to be consistent: 12 consecutive incisions

We aim to be consistent in our surgeries so that we can make a well-constructed incision each and every time. This video shows 12 consecutive cataract surgeries all performed on the same day by the same surgeon, me. The 2.75 mm keratome is the same model in every case and the resultant incisions are remarkably similar.

There are differences in placement since we often try to make the incision on the steep axis in order to help address the corneal astigmatism. All of these incisions are single-plane with a good tunnel length and consistent architecture. The incisions are balanced with respect to the floor and the roof and they all sealed easily with minimal hydration.

Surgeons in training often learn from seeing the same step of surgery over and over. These 12 cases are also consecutive cases, meaning that they were not cherry-picked to show just the best ones.

Click below to see this video of 12 consecutive phaco incisions:

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