Guest Surgeon: Soft Posterior Polar Cataract Surgery

We have featured many videos about posterior polar cataracts and the techniques that can be used to successfully operate on these patients. The primary issue is that the posterior capsule is weak, fragile, or even absent at the site of the posterior polar opacity.

The key message is to avoid hydrodissection since this can rupture the posterior capsule! We must perform only hydrodelineation.

If you have been learning from then you have already learned from many posterior polar cases. The techniques that we have featured before include:

This technique is different and it is something that I have never seen before. The guest surgeon is Neto Rosatelli MD from Brazil and he uses the chopper to mechanically separate the epi-nucleus from the capsule. It is impressive and I want to try this technique in the future.

Click below to watch Dr Neto Rosatelli’s technique of posterior polar cataract surgery:


  1. Please let Me know what’s the name of the chopper that Dr. Neto uses. Even I follow horizontal chopping. Plz guide me sir. Thanks

  2. excellent surgery

    I had under the impression that we should not rotate the nucleus or epinucleus as there can be adhesions at the posterior pole which can rift the posterior capsule,

    kindly comment

    1. I agree — my preferred technique for posterior polar cataracts does not involve any rotation. With CataractCoach we want to present all the different ways to approach these cases and then let our viewers decide which would work best in their hands.

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