Posterior Polar Cataract by Resident in Training

This is another case of a posterior polar cataract, this time performed by a resident in training. She does a great job and the endonucleus is separated from the epinucleus, both of which are removed with the phaco probe. The surgery takes about 25 minutes, so we have edited the video down to about 6 minutes.

The keys of this surgery are:

  • avoid hydro-dissection since this could blow out the posterior capsule
  • perform only hydro-delineation to help separate the endonucleus from the epinucleus
  • do not let the anterior chamber collapse since this could lead to posterior capsule rupture
  • if any posterior capsule opacity remains, leave it alone. You can do a YAG capsulotomy later.

click below to see this edited video of a resident performed Posterior Polar Cataract:

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