Ahmed Valve Placement for Neo-Vascular Glaucoma

This patient has a history of severe diabetic eye disease including proliferative retinopathy and prior pan-retinal photocoagulation as well as intra-vitreal injections of anti-VEGF medications. Despite maximal treatment, this patient proceeded to develop anterior segment ischemia and neo-vascularization. The rubeosis iridis progressed to neo-vascularization of the angle and then neo-vascular glaucoma. At our large teaching hospital, this is fairly common and we have many patients like this every week.

To help control the intra-ocular pressure, the decision was made to implant a glaucoma drainage device. In this case, the resident surgeon chose the Ahmed Valve from New World Medical. The surgery went well and the patient achieved good pressure control in the post-op period.

Click below to learn from the resident case of Ahmed Valve Placement:

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