The Importance of Networking with your Colleagues

While the professor:resident and mentor:fellow relationships are very valuable for learning in the early stages of your career, you will likely learn more from fellow colleagues during the long future that you will have in ophthalmology. It makes sense: the basics of ophthalmology are the building blocks upon which we will build a tower of knowledge. While your residency and fellowship may be 4 or more years, you will then spend another 30 or 40 years gathering new knowledge and advancing your clinical and surgical skills.

One of the most fruitful exchanges are the interactions at the large ophthalmic meetings, and for anterior segment surgeons that often means the ASCRS meeting. I learn so much from my colleagues from across the USA and around the world, whether in a lecture hall, a wet lab, or simply enjoying a coffee together.

At the upcoming ASCRS meeting in San Diego, I would like to invite all of my readers here at to join our reception for introducing the Juvene dual-optic, curvature-changing, presbyopic IOL. We world-premiered a video of this lens here about a month ago, and there is much excitement about this new generation of IOLs.

Here is the invitation and please note that it is only open to ophthalmologists (including ophthalmologists in training). You must RSVP in advance (see instructions below) in order to gain entrance to this event. I look forward to meeting you in person at this open house.

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