Dual Optic, Curvature Changing, Full Range Presbyopic IOL

Imagine an IOL for cataract surgery that mimics the human lens with the ability to give a wide range of vision, from far to near, by changing the curvature in response to stimulus from the ciliary muscle. This ability to treat presbyopia is the most natural and does not rely on older diffractive technology which splits light and induces aberrations like glare and halos. Using a dual optic approach with a modular design, the Juvene IOL has outstanding clarity and a very wide range of vision without glasses.

Notice: The LensGen Juvene IOL is an investigational device and is not FDA-approved for sale or use in the USA at this time.

Achieve three (or more) diopters of true focal range by simply changing the curvature of the front optic. This is the design of the Juvene IOL from LensGen, a project that has been many years in the making and is revolutionary in so many ways. The design is protected my multiple patents issued, and in process. The management team is headed by Ram Rao and an all-star team of experienced and passionate professionals. I am fortunate to be one of the scientific advisers on this team and I was the first surgeon worldwide to implant this IOL many years ago.

Over the past years the design of the Juvene has evolved and with the current iteration, the surgical implantation is straightforward with outstanding visual results. Recent data shows promise and extensive clinical trials are currently underway.

Recent data for the LensGen Juveve shows promise, with a wide range of vision with three or more diopters of range. This surpasses the performance of monofocal IOLs and EDoF IOLs (Extended Depth of Field) with far less halos and glare for the Juvene.

The Juvene IOL is a dual optic design which completely fills the capsular bag. This means that we largely avoid capsular bag contraction and we maintain a stable effective lens position and refraction. In addition, it has an astoundingly low rate of posterior capsule opacification and we avoid the vitreous shift that occurs with standard cataract surgery (with the typical 1-mm thin IOL). Rotational stability is excellent and a toric correction is easy to incorporate.

The Juvene is a game-changer in many ways: the capsule-filling design, the dual optics with a fluid lens that changes curvature to increase power, three (or more) diopters of focal range, and a modular design which allows for easy adjustability. As more data becomes available, we will bring you more insight into this amazing technology. Please subscribe to our free email list to be notified of this.

Click below to learn about the Juvene IOL from LensGen:

disclosure: I have been working with LensGen on this project for many years and I have a financial interest in the success of the Juvene IOL.

patients: I am unable to use this lens for your cataract surgery at our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills locations. This is an investigational device which is not yet FDA approved. The videos of the surgeries shown above were done in other countries.


  1. Very interesting platform I look forward to hearing more about it. If you had a dislocation down the line how would you approach an explantation or refixation??

  2. Where are you implanting these lenses and how many patients have you treated? I would like to see some statistics.

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