Understanding Reflux Mode during Phaco

Reflux mode is when you use the foot-pedal to reverse the fluidic pump of your phaco machine. Instead of aspirating fluid from the eye, it reverses flow and refluxes fluid back into the eye. This is very useful if we have inadvertently captured the posterior capsule in the I/A port. As soon as we see the radial lines in the posterior capsule we know to stop, release suction, and then engage reflux mode.

With my phaco machine, pushing to the left with the foot-pedal engages the reflux mode. And slowly, the peristaltic fluidic pump reverses direction and the fluid in the aspiration line is pushed back into the eye. Immediately, the posterior capsule is released from the aspiration port and I disengage reflux mode. This all happens very quickly and naturally, almost like a reflex.

Click below to learn this important situation where reflux mode is critical:

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