Moderate Floppy Iris Syndrome: Avoiding Prolapse

This patient took Flomax (tamsulosin) a few years ago for a brief period of time. He later stopped the medication after having a surgical urologic procedure to improve his flow. Now, years later he is having cataract surgery with me and all appears normal until…

Until we notice that the iris flops around even with normal intra-ocular maneuvers. The iris seems to catch any fluidic stream of BSS and then it jumps around begins to constrict. The pupil eventually comes down to about 4 mm in diameter at the end of the case. And using simple techniques we were able to avoid iris prolapse. Not a single episode of iris prolapse during the entire case (the picture above is for illustration only and it’s from a different case). 

Click below to watch the video and learn these techniques for avoiding iris prolapse:

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