Making the Capsulorhexis without a Cystotome

capsulorhexis without cystotome 150 title

The classic teaching is to use a cystotome (a sharp, bent 25ga or 27ga needle) to puncture the anterior lens capsule and create a flap prior to using forceps to create the capsulorhexis. Instead, I prefer to just use the forceps to make the puncture into the lens capsule. I do this with the forceps open and then just puncture with one arm, then close the forceps. This ensures that I will certainly be grabbing the capsule the way that I want: one forceps arm on each side of it. Other surgeons prefer to do the entire capsulorhexis with just the cystotome. I encourage you to try the different techniques to determine which you like the best.

Click below to watch the video of capsulorhexis creation without a cystotome:



  1. Hi Dr. Devgan, Will this technique work using any capsulorhexis forcep such as a utrata or must be it be one that has a sharp tip?

  2. Hello Doctor Devgan. Before we start this technique, is there any specific complication or difficulties related to it that we should be aware of ? Thanks a lot for all your videos

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